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If you are a student studying Spanish in Buenos Aires, you may have spent a relaxing night at the cinema or stopped into a movie rental shop looking for your favorite films from back home. While many English language films are available in both Buenos Aires cinemas and stores, you’ve probably noticed that most movie titles are not only in Spanish, but translated quite differently! Movies are a great option for a casual evening out or a midday break from your Spanish courses in Argentina. Take a look at the following list of popular English language films whose titles are a bit different in Spanish than their originals:

Rompiendo el Hielo- Happy Feet

Enamorándome De Mi Ex- It’s Complicated

Secreto en la Montaña- Brokeback Mountain

Sonrisas y Lágrimas- The Sound of Music

Expiación, Deseo y Pecado- Atonement

Viviendo Con Mi Ex- The Breakup

La Jungla de Cristal- Die Hard

Que Paso Ayer- The Hangover

While the titles are varied, these films can probably be found just as you remember them! Spend a rainy day at the theater, or take a break from the never-ending Buenos Aires nightlife with one of your favorite films. If you’re interested in learning about other activities around the city, take a peek at the busy daily life of an Expanish student taking Spanish immersion classes in Argentina!

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