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In our last Packing for Dummies, Part 1,  we covered both Clothing and Bathroom Stuff to bring when traveling to Buenos Aires. Now, we will look at the other items that are needed and wanted when traveling to Argentina!

Step 3.  Hard goods – books, Spanish dictionary, writing journal

These go in the NECESITY pile.

Spanish dictionary
Travel Guide
Black book (contacts back home)
These go in the I WANT IT pile.

Writing Journal
Fiction Books
Drawing Books
Step 4.  Medical goods – band aids, scissors, rubbing alcohol

These go in the NECESITY pile.

band aids, bandages
small pair of scissors
small bottle of rubbing alcohol or alcohol wipes
stomach settlers/acid/nausea
These go in the I WANT IT pile.

There is nothing in this part, as I don’t believe there are many medical items that fall under a “want”.

Stay tuned for Part 3 in Packing for Dummies for more great packing tips!!!

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