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Preparing for Your Language Course Abroad

So you have booked your language program (hopefully you'll be joining us in Argentina to do a Spanish Language Course at Expanish!), bought your plane tickets, made lists of things to pack and have 5,000 places you plan to visit while abroad. You are all set for your trip, so is there anything else you can do to prepare? Definitely! There are many extra steps you can take to help you have a really positive experien

Ten of the Best Tools to Help you Understand Spanish

Learning Spanish is a journey – it is definitely not a race, nor is it done solo! As part of my current Spanish learning ´viajar´ (journey) at Expanish Spanish School in Buenos Aires, Argentina , I have discovered a variety of tools that help make learning Spanish that little bit easier. Here are my top 10 useful tools to help you learn Spani

Top Ten Reasons to Learn Spanish

In the last few months as a Spanish student at Expanish in Buenos Aires, I have been devoting the majority of my time, mental capability, and money towards learning Spanish at Expanish. So what is it that keeps me motivated? Here´s my top ten list of reasons to learn Spani