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As a student taking Spanish courses in Buenos Aires, there is no denying how wonderful the café culture throughout the city is. On any given street block, at any time, night or day, you will find cafés filled with locals and tourists enjoying a cup of coffee, conversation, and the company of friends and co-workers. For many learning Spanish in Argentina, this relaxed and casual environment is a welcome change from the fast paced, ‘please get up from your table because someone else is waiting for it’ mentality that overwhelms many restaurants and cafés in other parts of the world.

While we would all love to soak up this lax café culture, the reality of life as an Expanish student is that we do not always have the time to do so! With group and private classes scheduled throughout the day, cultural activities around the city, weekly school dinners, and weekend excursions, there is little time to take advantage of that lifestyle! As busy as we are, however, we still need to find the time to get our caffeine fix! While small in number, there are a few cafés scattered about Buenos Aires with coffee to go in sizes that are sure to feed the need of students studying Spanish in Buenos Aires. Stop into these cafés for a quick cup of coffee!

Starbucks: A beloved coffee chain for many, Starbucks has only made its way to Buenos Aires within the past few years. Now there are quite a few locations scattered about the city, and the quality, variety and consistency of its products are bound to be better than the more local chains that are just beginning to serve ‘to-go’ coffee. Starbucks Argentina products are similar to those you will find worldwide, with the exception of their dulce de leche flavored syrup! Soy milk, iced, venti, no whip? No problem at Starbucks—they’ve got it all!

Café Martínez: With plenty of locations throughout Buenos Aires, you will not have to venture far from home or school to find a Café Martínez. Here you will find a more standard offering of coffee and espresso products for take out, including lattes, café frappes, and cappuccinos. Their sizes are a bit smaller than Starbucks, and after a recent trip, I got the impression that they rarely make coffee to go, as it took three employees working together to concoct my mocha frappuccino! Nonetheless, these options are available, and the variety of locations makes Café Martínez a convenient stop for many Expanish students!

Take a look around your neighborhood for even more coffee take-out options! If you are wondering if a café serves coffee to-go, simply ask, “tienes café para llevar?”  Learn more about life as a student studying Spanish in Buenos Aires!