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Traveling to Argentina and taking Spanish courses in Buenos Aires is an unforgettable life experience that will undoubtedly create memories that will remain with you forever! While you will be quite busy with your Spanish immersion courses in Buenos Aires,  sometimes the heart pangs for the comforts of home, and there are some cravings that not even alfajors, steak, and red wine can help you to to ignore, regardless of how much you try! Luckily for students studying Spanish in Buenos Aires, there is a company, founded by fellow Expats, that felt a void when it came to finding their favorite goodies from back home.

Send Love BA is a company that helps friends and family to send care packages to loved ones living in Buenos Aires, without the exorbitant costs of shipping from outside of the country! Send Love BA offers an assortment of packages for various budgets, including everything from cupcakes to bagels to chocolate chip cookies! They even offer themed packages, such as the “Happy Birthday” package, including balloons and a birthday cake and card, and the “Get Well Soon” package, which comes with chicken noodle soup, Gatorade, cookies, tea, and tissues!

Whether you’re looking for a pick me up, or a simple way to say thinking of you, Send Love BA offers the perfect package for students living far from home studying Spanish in Buenos Aires! There are many ways for students taking Spanish immersion courses at Expanish’s Spanish School  to feel right at home in Buenos Aires…to read more, check out Parts One and Two of the Expat’s Survival Guide in the Expanish Blog!