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If you are studying Spanish in Argentina at Expanish, chances are family and friends will do their best to visit you in the incredible city of Buenos Aires while you are here. While it would be hard to find yourself without something to do in Buenos Aires, planning an itinerary for your visitors can be quite a task! Expanish Spanish School in Buenos Aires has put together a week long itinerary to help get you started—and trust us, this plan has been recently tested and approved! Today, we’ll give you ideas for the beginning of the week, and we’ll update you later on this week with the rest of your itinerary. Be sure to check back with the Expanish Blog!

Monday: If it is your visitors first day in Buenos Aires, do not feel silly taking them on a more touristy route! Just because you pass by the Casa Rosada every day does not mean they do not want to see it! Start up at Plaza del Congreso and continue down Avenida 25 de Mayo. Stop in at the famous Cafe Tortoni for a coffee and finish up your walk in Plaza de Mayo in front of the Casa Rosada. If you’re up to it, walk on over to Puerto Madero to show your guests a more modern side of Buenos Aires. Being on the water is a refreshing break from the stuffy city streets, and the Puente de la Mujer is a site to be seen! At night, hit up Konex for a live music show. Currently, you can catch the creator of La Bomba del Tiempo’s new show, Santiago Vasquez y La Grande!

Tuesday: Take the ferry over to Colonia, Uruguay for the day. Colonia is a peaceful contrast to the busy Buenos Aires streets, and we’d be willing to guess your visitors have never visited the country of Uruguay before. Rent a go-cart and take a ride up the coastline, and take a quick bus ride up to Bodega Bernardi on Route 1 to taste some Uruguayan wine and grappa!

Wednesday: Take on the beautiful Palermo parks for the day. Stop in at MALBA or Museo Bellas Artes on the way for a bit of culture and a coffee. The street’s surrounding the rose garden are closed all weeklong, so it makes for a great walk, and roses are still in bloom—even with temperatures dropping! The Japanese botanical gardens offer a tranquil environment for your guests and the Japanese restaurant onsite offers some of Buenos Aires’ best sushi overlooking the gardens! If you’re group wants a taste of the Buenos Aires nightlife, Wednesday’s After Offices across the city are a fun take (and they don’t finish as late as weekend nights, so you’ll still be up for anything on Thursday morning!). Try out Terrazas del Este on Costanera Norte—with water views and an incredible space, its sure to impress your friends!

While you may not have time to take a break from your Spanish immersion courses in Buenos Aires during the week, your friends will appreciate the itinerary you have planned, and you can always join them in the afternoons! Do not forget to check back with the Expanish Blog for the second half of the week’s schedule for your visitors—they will thank you!

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