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Leaving your home country to study Spanish in Argentina is a significant decision for anyone, and one that brings along many changes in living arrangements and styles, sometimes taking away the comforts of home. As much as we grow to adore Buenos Aires, there are always going to be those things from home-  food, clothes, or movies, that the heart will always pang for. Here are a few food items you may long for while taking Spanish courses in Argentina- don’t fret, we’ve found them for you here in Buenos Aires!

1. Peanut Butter- Luckily, there are a few places peanut butter has been spotted in Buenos Aires. Brand name peanut butter (crunchy and creamy!), like Peter Pan and Planter’s, can be find in some of the larger chain supermarkets, such as Disco and Jumbo, but you’ll definitely have to check out more than one before you’re able to find it. If it is available, it will be located in the imported foods section, and in turn, is fairly expensive! For natural, non-brand name peanut butter, head to Barrio Chino in Belgrano. Many of the smaller supermarkets sell peanut butter and other hard to find imported foods that are generally cheaper than the big chain stores!

2. Ranch Dressing- Ranch dressing is a food staple for many; some people put it on just about anything! Like peanut butter, you’re going to have to search the large supermarket chains for your beloved ranch.  ‘Newman’s Own’ brand is most common in the imported food aisles.  For a real treat, head to Casabar in Recoleta and enjoy authentic ranch dressing on their spicy wings—it doesn’t get much better than that!

3. Spicy…Anything!- If you’ve been taking Spanish courses in Buenos Aires, you may have noticed by now that Argentines definitely do not have an affinity for spicy foods. The spicy food of choice varies depending on where you call home, but there are quite a few restaurants around the city that will cater to most every palate! If you’re looking for Mexican, head to California Burrito Company- an essential knockoff of the US’s beloved chain, Chipotle, where customers can create their own burritos. La Fabrica del Taco in Palermo also serves up tasty Mexican, with an assortment of hot sauces to compliment your meal! If Indian is more your thing, try Tandoor at Laprida 1293, with authentic, delicious, and spicy sauces!

4. Bagels- Search high and low in Buenos Aires, and you will still not be able to find an authentic bagel. Your answer for this frustrating predicament is a delivery company called El Bagelazo! Choose from poppy seed, cinnamon raisin, and everything bagels, amongst others, and have a dozen delivered to your door for $40 pesos! They also sell a variety of homemade cream cheeses. Check out their website for links to similar Expat friendly food vendors (chocolate chip cookies, anyone?)!

Be sure to check back with the Expanish blog for additional posts in “’The Expat’s Buenos Aires Survival Guide!”