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Taking in the other sights of Argentina while you learn Spanish in Buenos Aires is an absolute must! While there is never a lack of activities to take advantage of in Buenos Aires, there is no better way to immerse yourself in Argentine language and culture than seeing what life is like outside of the comforts of the capital city.

If you were to fall asleep on the three hour bus ride to Gualeguaychú, you would probably think you were waking up in another country once you arrived. The majority of this sleepy, riverside town looks antique, with dirt roads and small colonial style homes. You will quickly notice that the people of Gualeguaychú take their siestas seriously, with most restaurants and shops closing midday, only to re-open again in the early evening, when the city comes alive….well, at least during Carnaval season!

Carnaval is undoubtedly Gualeguaychú’s main attraction, bringing thousands of locals and tourists to the area each weekend  throughout January and March. The Carnaval was full of energy, and the three comparsas taking part in the grand finale, O’Bahia, Ará Yeví and Papelitos, kept the crowd on their feet until five o’clock in the morning! Each taking center stage for over an hour, the comparsas came alive with catchy samba anthems, creative themes, and incredibly extravagant costumes and floats.

The winning comparsa, announced just today, was Ará Yeví. Sending a strong and beautiful message that expressed the importance of preserving our natural surroundings while limiting pollution for the benefit of future generations, the Ará Yeví performance was truly spectacular, closing down the show for thousands of spectators on an unforgettable note.

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Take a break from your Spanish courses in Buenos Aires and see the sights! Expanish offers various excursions outside of the city for students to take advantage of!