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Planning a week long visit for family or friends coming to Buenos Aires is no easy task—there is simply too much to do in this city! Expanish Spanish School in Buenos Aires has done the planning for you. By now, you’ve probably already checked out PART ONE of this blog, in which we planned the beginning part of students studying Spanish in Argentina week as a tour guide. See what else is in store below!

Thursday: Recoleta and the surrounding Barrio Norte neighborhood is a great spot for walking, and the home of the famously breathtaking Recoleta Cemetery. Grab lunch at one of the many restaurants and cafes surrounding the cemetery and pop into Freddo, opposite the cemetery entrance, for some of Buenos Aires’ best  helado for dessert! The cemetery is really an incredible take- skip by the tour guides at the door, as they will most likely ask for a donation or payment for their maps and services. Most Buenos Aires guide books have reliable maps of the cemetery, so utilize these to find the resting places of famous Argentines, like Evita, Bartolomé Mitre, and Carlos Pellegrini. Buenos Aires offers performances and shows to please just about any taste. At night, try out, Fuerza Bruta, created in Buenos Aires, currently showing at the Centro Cultural de Recoleta, for a theater experience unlike any other!

Friday: While a slight tourist trap, you should definitely take your guests to La Boca  to see  La Bombonera, the home of the Boca Junior soccer team, and the colorful houses of Caminito. If you are not visiting Argentina during soccer season and are unable to catch a Boca game, check out the Boca Junior’s Museum instead! You can access the museum through the gift shop, located at the stadium. Easily reached by colectivo 152, La Boca is a great place to catch some live tango, buy souvenirs, and to see a neighborhood of Buenos Aires different from all others.

While you’re guests may be exhausted after this itinerary, you still have a weekend to plan for! Be sure to check back with PART THREE of this Expanish Spanish School blog entry, which will be updated soon!

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