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Polo has been one of the most popular Sports in Argentina for several decades and is said to be the leading nation of polo in the world.  Perhaps that is why so many Argentines are fanatic about polo and every year when the polo season arrives, are lining up for first-rate seats to every game.

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Polo did not originate in Argentina however Argentina is where the best polo horses in the world are bred and where the best polo plays and polo teams come from.

Polo Horses
Polo horses are short, yet very muscular, and very athletic. These expensive and top of the line ponies come from crossing thoroughbred horses and Argentina Criollo horses, resulting in a top performing polo horse, treasured throughout Argentina, and sold to other countries around the world.  Many of the polo horses in Argentina are bred and kept in La Pampas, the prairies of Argentina where there are hectares upon hectares of farms, ranches, and vast open prairie land.

Polo Players
Polo players often train and practice polo in various ranches throughout Argentina. The region of La Pampa is one of the most popular to have ranches that offer classes and have the space to teach polo.

The Polo Season in Buenos Aires

The polo season will begin this September and run until December for the 2009 polo tournament dates. These dates will include three of the most important polo tournaments in the world: Tortugas Country Club Open, Hurlingham Club Open, Argentine Open Championship.

Remember: Polo is a high class support and Argentines that attend games tend to get dressed up for the occasion, lots of whites, beiges, and blues!