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If you are planning on coming to Buenos Aires to study Spanish, there are a few must-do’s that will make your travel and transition into the beautiful city of Buenos Aires more successful.

1.    Enjoy all those things from home that you love before you leave. You will most likely not be able to enjoy them while you are abroad, of course you will find substitutes, so indulge while you are still at home!
2.    Take an address book with all the phone numbers, addresses, and email address’s, that you may need or want. While abroad this always comes in handy, and of course, leave some room in that address book in order to add new address’s and email’s of new people that you meet along the way.
3.    Make photocopies of every important document you have. You never know when you may misplace something, or god forbid, lose something, and it is always very helpful to have photocopies. Also, try to keep your photocopies in separate places or exchange them with friends; you carry theirs and they carry yours.
4.    Check out the address of your embassy in the city you are traveling to. This is always recommended by home countries to their residents that are traveling abroad.  If anything happens while abroad or you need any assistance, your home embassy will be happy to help.
5.    Be prepared, organized, and ready to have a lot of fun and experience a lot of new things. Traveling abroad, for any reason, is one of the most life changing and memorable experiences on can have, guaranteed to be talked about for years to come!

Ready to Study Spanish in Buenos Aires?