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If you are planning on coming to study Spanish Buenos Aires, there are a few must-do’s that will make your travel and transition into the beautiful city of Buenos Aires more successful.

1.    Buy a travel book for Argentina.  Having a travel book that outlines the capital cities and most other small cities, travel routes, climate, visas, dangerous and annoyances, etc, will help guide you around the country, inform you about culture, tradition, and customs, and can literally come in as a life-saver when you least expect it!

2.    Pack some photos of back home with you. Friends, family, pets, whatever. When you are abroad it is nice to have a few things that remind you of your life back home and sometimes come in handy for those moments when you feel a little home-sick.

3.    Bring a travel diary.  Documenting your experiences, writing out funny events, and holding on to things such as ticket stubs, postcards, etc, will help you properly hold on to your experiences and memories. Later in life, this diary can be something that you look back at and remember what you have done and accomplished during your life.

4.    Bring vitamins or medications you may want to use during your travels. It is often a better idea to bring them from home , however if you do need to buy vitamins or medications abroad, just be sure of what you are buying before you buy it!

5.    Try to obtain a map of the city you are heading to and take a look at it. Coming to a foreign city without a clue of its layout, size, etc, can be intimidating and it always helps to have a general idea of your new (temporary) home.