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Every student that walks through the doors of Expanish has come to study Spanish in Buenos Aires for a different reason; each student has their own story to tell and we are thrilled to help them tell it. Here is the story of Rachel Arkle and her experience at Expanish.

Rachel reports for the BBC, a United Kingdom based broadcasting corporation that is not only one of the longest running but also the biggest broadcasting corporation in the world. Along with the help of the BBC Rachel headed down to Latin America to answer her question on ‘How to be a stable traveler?’

She began her journey studying Spanish in Buenos Aires with Expanish.  Rachel felt that it was important to study the local language and therefore be able to better immerse herself into the culture. Alongside taking group classes (20hrs/week) Rachel participated in many of the activities at Expanish including weekly tango lessons and city excursions.  I had an absolutely excellent time,’ Rachel stresses when speaking about combining her classes with the Expanish activities.

Rachel studied Spanish in Buenos Aires for just one week before taking off to see the rest of Latin America and, although short, her stay and her Spanish classes in Buenos Aires were memorable.  In regards to her experience with Expanish Rachel says, ‘I really cannot recommend it enough; it has been an amazing experience.’

At Expanish we strive towards creating the ultimate study and travel abroad experience for each one of our students. Hearing from students like Rachel makes us thrilled that we are doing are job and that we are leading the way in education excellence with our Spanish immersion courses in Buenos Aires.

Click for more information on Spanish classes in Buenos Aires or to see Rachel Arkles’ video on youtube.