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Running in Buenos Aires can be an experience in itself.  It can sometimes be borderline dangerous with the aggressive driving of the cars speeding through the city.  Wouldn’t  it be nice to avoid traffic?  Ive got a few suggestions to avoid the traffic and get the feeling of almost leaving the city.

  1. Puerto Madero provides an excellent opportunity for a traffic free area with large sidewalks big enough for bikers, skaters, and runners alike.  If you prefer more of a nature scene, between 8am and 6pm on Tuesday through Sunday, runners can take to the nearby Reserva Ecológica for softer surfaces and some local flora and fauna.
  2. Avenida Libertador is another great option for runners and cyclists alike.  Although slightly more chaotic with the busy street next to the running path, you do not have to stop at many lights and can run for about 3.5 km before the trail starts to run out.  This is a popular option because of all the plazas scattered along the way.  Many plazas contain steps that can be used as another exercise routine or just a way to rest and people watch.
  3. Starting from Plaza Italia, the Parque Tres de Febrero offers a car free zone for runners or for those just looking to take a walk outside.  The park fills up on the weekend with families sitting in circles drinking mate and talking for hours.  With three man made lakes and an abundance of trees, this makes a very nice scenic run for those trying to escape the city, if only for an hour or two.