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The decision for me to come to Argentina was an easy one as I thought I would miss my home country of Ecuador less because Argentines speak my native language (I was living in the United States at the time and had a touch of home sickness).  Since Argentina (and Buenos Aires specifically) has a very European onda, I thought that the only shock that I would have would be a cultural one.  Upon arriving here, however, I immediately realized how different certain parts of the Argentine vocabulary are when compared to Ecuadorian Spanish.

Here are only a few examples of words and how they differ between the two dialects!

Although I had a little bit of trouble understanding certain things at first (“Che, flaca me regalas un pucho?”) all it took was a little repetition and practice to remember key words and within a month or so, I was talking like a true porteño.  Even if you already speak Spanish at an intermediate or advanced level, taking some Spanish classes upon arrival will really help you get an ear for not only the famous porteño accent, but also the vocabulary.