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Spanish Immersion Experience In BA

What is your ideal Spanish immersion experience? Group or individual Spanish lessons? A homestay or a student residence? Would you rather frequent soccer games or tango shows? Whatever it is, Expanish can facilitate your customized experience with affordable, student-focused prices.

Located in the heart of downtown Buenos Aires, just a few blocks from the famous pedestrian shopping street of Florida, our Spanish language school prides itself in academic integrity and excellent 24/7 customer service. In addition to your classes with a highly-qualified and experienced teaching staff, the engaging Buenos Aires locals, or Porteños, will give you all of the out of classroom practice you need! When studying a foreign language abroad, the people of the city can be just as important to your experience as the city itself. Porteños are truly captivating people, and they make the Spanish immersion process fun and easy.

Just as Expanish can facilitate all of your academic and accommodation needs, Buenos Aires can facilitate everything else. It is an eclectic city with world famous dance, shopping, food, nightlife and sports. From the worshipped, ex-soccer superstar Diego Maradona to the beloved political figure Evita Peron and the infamous revolutionary Erensto ‘Che’ Guevara, Buenos Aires has its share of colorful national celebrities that have shapped its rich history and cultural identity. Witnessing how passionate Argentines are about their culture is encouragement enough to learn their language, and you will have an incredible experience doing it alongside students and staff from around the globe.

So what better way to immerse yourself in the Spanish language than through the vibrant Latin American culture of Buenos Aires? Expanish offers a variety of affordable courses and accommodation options, so there is a right fit for everyone! Check out Expanish today.