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It can be hard to explain the appeal of traveling to certain people. Those who have been abroad, however, know how exciting it is to live in a foreign country, meet the people, and learn their culture and language. In fact, these immersion experiences are becoming an important pre-requisite to responsible citizenship in our increasingly global community. This is why many people are now electing to travel to Latin America and study Spanish, some already years into their professional careers.

Studying with Expanish in Buenos Aires, students are provided with all of the tools to get the most out of their immersion experiences. The Spanish classes are complimented with weekly excursions, activities and workshops organized by Expanish, encouraging the students to participate in the rich local culture whilst learning the language.

One reason so many students decide to study in Buenos Aires is the strong spirit and imagination of Argentina. These traits are reflected in the works of the nation’s greatest writers. Jorge Borges is perhaps Argentina’s most well-known literary figure, author to some of the best short stories, essays, and poetry in the Spanish language. Borge’s writing has influenced generation after generation of Spanish writers throughout the Americas. Ernesto Sabato is a similarly renowned author to have emerged from the rich, intellectual setting of Buenos Aires. Borge and Sabato are just two of the many prominent South American authors to have called Buenos Aires home – not to mention musicians, athletes, playwrights, etc. The city is, in many respects, a cultural hub to all of Latin America.

Studying with Expanish in Buenos Aires, students will find an important balance of in-and-out of the classroom experiences. The language school is dedicated to providing quality education and costumer support. Buenos Aires will provide everything else, a perfect setting to become immersed in Spanish language and join the international community. Don’t hesitate to visit our website, and begin planning your adventure to Buenos Aires today!