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Spanish immersion in Buenos Aires; Check out the Vinos y Bodegas Wine Exhibition!

Students in Spanish immersion courses in Buenos Aires no doubt acquire a taste for wine as finding great wine here is so easy and for the most part, not a costly habit. Bottles of wine can be bought in many places throughout the city, including grocery stores, kioskos (mini corner store), corner stores, restaurants and bars. Students learning Spanish in Buenos Aires should take advantage of the Argentine wines and spend sometime getting to know them.

If one had looked into the wine industry in Argentina 15 years ago, there would not have been to much to look at. Don’t mistake me, Argentina was producing wine, however, the wine seemed to only be circulating throughout Argentina, drank blissfully by its own residents. Spanish immersion students in Buenos Aires will notice that since then, the wine industry has changed, but most predominantly in the last 8 years; since the devalutation of the peso, exporting wine has become more economical as well as investing in vineyeards in Argentina. Students in Spanish immersion courses in Buenos Aires will haev a changce to see just how far the wine industry has come at this years Vinos y Bodegas Wine Exhibition.

From 630pm until 12am, Sept 11-13, students in Spanish immersion in Buenos Aires can head down to La Rural to discover, taste, and enjoy wines from throughout Argentina. More than 100 of Argentina’s bodegas (vineyards) will have representatives at La Rural, each showcasing wine from their own vineyards while giving the public information about the wine and offering wine tasters. This is a perfect way for students taking Spanish classes in Buenos Aires with Expanish to expand their Spanish skills in a fun filled event.

When not sampling wine, students in Spanish immersion in Buenos Aires can find out more about the specific wine regions, soils and terrains, tasting techniques, and cooking in Argentina. This is a great way to learn Spanish in Argentina as all representatives will be Spanish speaking adn would be happy to talk to the public about wine in Argentina.

Students in Spanish immersion courses in Buenos Aires can sign up for Vinos Bodegas Wine Exhibition, the largest wine exhibition in South America, right at the doors. Entrance is 35 pesos, including wine glass and free tasting throughout the event.

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