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Rule 1

Spanish immersion means to ‘forget’ about your native language and go totally local!  You have come to Buenos Aires to learn Spanish and that means that you are going to have to eat, breath, and speak Spanish. This is easy, just stop speaking your language and only speak Spanish.

Rule 2

Register in Spanish immersion courses in Buenos Aires.  This is also very easy, like Rule 1; sign up for Spanish classes and attend them. This will get you motivated in the classroom to speak Spanish outside of the classroom.

Rule 3

Live with locals and do what they do. If you are living in a homestay or shared apartment (with locals) you are sure to experience Spanish immersion.  You will be exposed to their daily life in Buenos Aires, their habits, food, friends, and hobbies.  Other than Spanish classes, accommodation is the way to true Spanish immersion in Buenos Aires.

Have fun during your time studying Spanish in Argentina – make sure to incorporate everything you can into your experience abroad!  Check out our Spanish courses in Buenos Aires here!