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How To Learn In Buenos Aires…Outside Of The Classroom!

Learning Spanish in the classroom is the only way you are going to learn proper Spanish (grammar, verbs, tenses, etc) and learn the fundamentals of the language.  The trick to learning practical Spanish, slang, expressions, conversation, etc, is to combine your Spanish classes with ‘classes’ outside of the classroom.

Take your Spanish lessons in Buenos Aires to the streets…

5 Ways to Learn Spanish Outside of the Classroom

1) Activities & workshops
Activities such as city tours, art and museum exhibits, soccer games, and more, will expose you to locals, forcing you to practice your Spanish and improving you language skills in no time! Workshops give you the chance to learn a new skill, in Spanish, plus practice your Spanish with the instructor and other students in the workshop.

2) Make local friends
Speak with your roommates, your homestay family, Spanish students, Spanish teachers, or any other local that could be good conversation or a friend. The best way to learn Spanish quickly is not speak it 24/7!

3) Join a local group
Sign up for a local gym, dance class, theatre group, book club, etc, and speak Spanish with your other group members. This is not only a great way to meet locals who have the same interests as you but will allow you to practice your Spanish on a consistent basis plus participate in an activity that you enjoy.

4) Go to the movies or theatre
Going to a movie or the theatre in Spanish will help intermediate to advanced Spanish speakers improve their Spanish in a hurry. This will give you the opportunity to combine your listening skills with actions, improving the way you listen to Spanish and the pronunciation of words.

5) Only Speak Spanish
Only speak Spanish outside of the classroom will guarantee you to learn Spanish more quickly. Often, it is easier to just switch back into your native language and forget about Spanish. Train yourself to only speak Spanish, using a dictionary if necessary, and remind yourself how important it is to be patient during the process!