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Let’s face it- learning a new language is not easy! You will undoubtedly get plenty of practice in your Expanish Spanish courses in Argentina and out and about on the streets of Buenos Aires, but sometimes you’ll need a little extra help.  Most of us head online in search of the unknown. Websites such as Google, Wikipedia, and Yahoo often provide us with answers to almost any questions we may have, whether we’re searching for driving directions, new recipes, or sports game schedules…With the answers to all of these questions online, why not head to the internet to help practice and improve your Spanish too?

Expanish Spanish school in Buenos Aires offers a few free resources for our Spanish students. Take a look at the ‘Useful Resources’ section on our Expanish website! There you will find:

-Top 10 Tips for Learning Spanish

– Spanish Lesson Videos

– Downloadable Spanish Worksheets

Each day, Expanish also provides an online Spanish word or phrase of the day! This page is updated daily, so be sure to check back each week to learn a few new words or phrases! In addition to the many free resources provided by Expanish, you’re bound to have a few  of your own favorite sites with helpful translations or basic tips and tricks to learning the language, so be sure to share them with you Expanish classmates!

If you’re looking to reinforce what you learn in your Spanish courses in Buenos Aires,  head to the Expanish website for some free extra help!