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Last week we posted a blog that spoke about the earthquake that recently hit Haiti and listed a bunch of sites where our students studying Spanish in Argentina, or people from around the world, could make donations.

It has been two weeks since that earthquake hit Haiti and we would like to remind you that the fight over there is not over and that these organizations still need your help.  Often, when news breaks, the whole world becomes involved, however, shortly after, our own lives go on and we begin to forget that a country such as Haiti will go on fighting to survive for months.  It is important that we remind ourselves that the people of Haiti’s fight is not over yet and they need constant help from abroad.

When you donate you help these organizations:

  • Provide food and water to locals
  • Clean up debris from the earthquake
  • Help rebuild homes and buildings
  • Offer medical aid to local residents
  • Help local animals/animal shelters
  • Help purchase necessary equipment
  • Rebuild the lives of the people of Haiti

Please check out our previous blog: Help Haiti: Support Disaster Relief in Haiti to find information and various links where you can donate.

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