Hidden away in Palermo Hollywood is a restaurant that exudes trend, tranquility, and style, and if you are looking for great food and drink with a sort of James Bond sexy atmosphere, look no further. Olsen is a Scandinavian restaurant in Palermo Hollywood and they just don’t get much better than this.

Hard to spot from the street front, Olsen sits behind a high fence but opens up into a cozy garden front and further back, once an old warehouse, the restaurants sit high and mighty.  The garden is outfitted with chairs and tables, sunken low into the grass for a laidback- close to nature feel. The restaurant is a beautiful big open space, with a mezzanine up top overlooking the main dining space; in the centre of the room is a big cozy fire place surround by the restaurant’s wooden tables.  Visually the place is stunning and creates the perfect dining atmosphere for a mellow night out with friends.

Scandinavian all the way, Olsen serves of fantastic appetizers (smoked salmon, cheeses, olive spreads, etc) and even better main dishes, mostly celebrating seafood with the occasional meat dish.  Another one of Olsens’ specialities is Vodka; they carry a vast selection of vodkas from all over the world, with Absolut taking the centre stage. (Great for a dry or dirty martini! )Every Sunday, Olsen features a buffet that begins at 10am, serving up things like eggs, hash browns, sausage, toast, and much more!

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