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If you are studying Spanish in Buenos Aires you must take advantage of Argentina’s national dance, and learn to dance the tango. The sultry yet sophisticated dance originated in the neighbourhoods of La Boca and San Telmo in Buenos Aires, and over the years, became the country’s most beloved dances, and today, Argentina is considered the birth place of the tango.

Where are the best places in Buenos Aires to learn to dance the Tango?

Café Tortoni

Argentina’s oldest café, Café Tortoni is one of the most traditional places to dance the tango, decorated by antique furniture and stain glass ceiling, tango lessons in the afternoon, followed by a coffee or afternoon wine, followed by an evening of watching tango, makes for a great cultural experience.

Address: Avenida de Mayo 825

La Catedral

A very hip and trendy tango club in downtown Buenos Aires, everyone comes here to have a good time, dance the tango, meet new people, and enjoy the scene. Early in the evening, informal tango lessons are give, followed by a milonga where everyone joins and dances.

Address: Sarmiento 4006

Confiteria Ideal

This beautiful art-deco place is great to take tango lessons throughout the day, from beginner to advanced levels, and then take advantage of the milonga at night. There is live music at the milonga and the place really gets full – more popular among an older crowd.