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Spanish & Tango: Where To Dance, Practice The Language, Meet New People

One of the many reasons to travel and study at a Spanish school in Buenos Aires, Argentina is to experience the vibrant and captivating Argentine culture.

Learning and practicing Spanish and meeting people will definitely help in feeling comfortable and at home in your new city. Of course, the best way to learn the language is to take quality Spanish classes.  After the school day is over though, you want to find ways to get out and practice your gained knowledge by meeting locals and making some friends!  Argentines are extremely warm and friendly people and are excellent conversationalists, happy to engage in a chat – but where to go to meet them? Now let’s get talking!

Let’s start simple and practice at home!  If you live in a shared apartment or homestay with Argentines from your Spanish school in Buenos Aires, you are lucky to have built-in native speakers to practice with every day. Chatting over meals or sharing some mate in the living room together is perfect for asking questions and sharing some laughs.

Once you’ve left the apartment, get chatty in your own barrio!  Become a regular at the places you frequent and talk daily with the clerks- whether it’s the verdulero while picking out your frutillas and paltas, the owner of the panadería where you buy your delicious carne picante empanadas, or the bartender at your local cervecería, by striking up a conversation every time you go to those places you will easily practice lots of Spanish!

Another great way to practice speaking is to find a conversation language exchange.  In these exchanges, each partner swaps of an hour of his or her native language in exchange for an hour of Spanish. This is a great way to learn about the culture of Argentina while being able to practice the language in a relaxed environment.

Try having the meetup in the Bosques de Palermo with some mate to enjoy the summer sun! The website is a good place to start—but be aware you may have to chat with several people until you find the right “fit”.  Sometimes a weekly conversation exchange partner can turn into a great friendship!

Friendships are really important to the Argentine culture- there is even a national holiday devoted to it in July,  so making friends is key! Perhaps the easiest way to begin is to meet people is by pursuing your current hobbies. If you play a sport, an instrument, are interested in trying out new recipes, love working out, doing beautiful paintings, etc- those all exist here in Buenos Aires!  Also, try taking a class to learn something new and befriend your fellow classmates. Taking tango classes is a great option!

The Couchsurfing community is strong in Buenos Aires and holds picnics in the park, festive holiday get-togethers, and meetups in cervecerias. Networking groups like International can also be a great way to meet people for professional purposes.  Living abroad has so many new opportunities to learn and see and explore and so you want to take full advantage of that!

Spanish schools and Tango classes in Buenos Aires

It’s time to dust off your dancing shoes and sign up for a class. There are many options to choose from—La Viruta is a good starting point. There are classes for all levels, and all are taught in Spanish! After the hour-long lessons are done, you can stay and practice dancing in the milonga all night long. Another fun place to watch and dance the Tango to enjoy the warm summer nights is to head to the in Las Barrancas del Belgrano. Here you will find locals dancing Tango Friday and Saturday nights under the stars in a beautiful park in the lovely neighborhood of Belgrano.

How did you meet people in Buenos Aires, Argentina? Share your thoughts so fellow travelers can find new ideas!

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