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>Recoleta, a neighborhood of elegance, art, leisure, and nightlife, is one of the most definitive neighborhoods of Porteño culture. Its architectural elegance on the streets of Callao and Arenales combined with multiple museums, fabulous restaurants, hopping nightlife, and the infamous Recoleta cemetery make it the most upscale neighborhood in all of Buenos Aires.

Locals and tourists alike enjoy all this neighborhood has to offer. While studying at Expanish, taking a late afternoon stroll after class to Recoleta is within a few blocks walking distance. The Recoleta cemetery, founded in 1822, is amongst if not the most famous cemetery in the world. It is home to presidents, heroes, famous writers and scientists, and most notably Evá Peron. Also known as “Evita”, Evá Peron was the first female Vice President of Argentina, the only women who had a political say in Argentina, and a woman who came from nothing to something. For that, she is beloved by the whole of Latin America.

Surrounded by cafes and a vibrant seller’s market every weekend, simply walking around outside the gates of the Recoleta cemetery is an invaluable Spanish immersion experience in itself. The stroll through the actual cemetery is a pleasant walk through a labyrinth of immaculate tombstones with graveyard cats around every corner. Not to be afraid because this is not a typical creepy or frightening cemetery; it is actually quite impressive and always full of visitors from around the world.

For these reasons and more, Recoleta is a must see for anyone visiting or studying Spanish in Buenos Aires. To find out more about the neighborhoods of Buenos Aires and taking Spanish classes with Expanish, click here!