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For students studying Spanish in Buenos Aires and looking for something a little different can head down to Chinatown; a small neighborhood lined with restaurants, shops, markets, and specialty stores.

A little history…

The Chinatown in Buenos Aires began in the 1980´s, not long after the second wave of Asian immigrants landed in Argentina in the late 1960´s. In the 1990´s more Chinese immigrants arrived in Argentina, mostly entrepreneurs, and Chinatown and the number of Chinese owned business began to flourish. Many Chinese and Asian owned businesses began to open up around the city, mostly dealing in supermarkets, textiles, and buffet-styled restaurants. Students learning Spanish in Buenos Aires will see that Asian owned supermarkets are very common and it is even said that there may be a total of almost 200 throughout the city.

Today, students studying Spanish in Buenos Aires will find the majority of the Asian and more specifically Chinese shops and restaurants are in the streets of Chinatown located in the Belgrano neighborhood. Regarding restaurants, students can just pick the one that strikes their fancy  since most have a similar menu and all offer great food for great prices. You will be able to find all the classic delights that you know from your Chinese restaurants back home and even a few new ones.

For shops, Chinatown offers a myriad of stores that sell everything from clothing, textiles, furniture, decorations, etc. Students learning Spanish in Buenos Aires can also find specialty dried fruits, soy and tofu products, and other Asian influenced food that you cannot find in the other Buenos Aires supermarkets. Day or night students can head down to Chinatown, located in the crossroads of Arribenos and Juramento and extending over a few blocks down Arribenos, for a little Asian indulgance.