Buenos Aires, Argentina is one of the few chosen cities that is fortunate enough to be blessed by the exhibit of the World Press Photo Tour. For the past several years, the World Press Photo Tour has been held at the Centro Cultural Borges, located inside the Galerias Pacifico mall on Florida Street, and it will be here again this November7th-27th. Students studying Spanish in Buenos Aires should not miss this fantastic display of photography from countries from all over the world.

World Press Photo is a non-profit organization that was created an established in 1955 in Amsterdam, Holland. The organization is directed by an independent executive board, a supervisory board, and employs around 25 permanent staff who are connected to professionals around the world, who then, as a team, organize the contest, exhibitions, and all large scale events. Students studying Spanish in Buenos Aires can check out their site for more history, www.worldpressphoto.org.

Every year, photographers from around the world submit their photos to World Press. World Press then chooses a select amount of photos that will be displayed in the exhibit and shown across the world, 45 countries in total, and viewed by more than 2 million people. A yearbook is published yearly with all submissions in over 6 languages.

This year, students learning Spanish in Buenos Aires can head to the Centro Cultural Borges during a three week period to see the magnificent works of photography. Some pieces are uplifting, while others truly shocking. The idea of World Photo is to display excellent photography of real life; you will see everything from the slums Brazil to the war zone in Afghanistan to the Eskimos fishing in the Arctic. It truly is a wonderful experience not to be missed.

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