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during the Argentina winter will be quick to realize that winters here are not half bad. In general, there is very little rain, the temperature never really drops below -0, and there are many days that bring sunshine and warmth when you are least expecting it. Therefore, students in Spanish immersion courses in Buenos Aires should take advantage of this fact, the fact that prices are almost 30% less during the ‘off-season’, pick up their bags and books, and head out of the city, slightly down south, to Carilo.

Students taking Spanish immersion courses in Buenos Aires will find it easy to arrive to Carilo as it is situated only about 330Km from Buenos Aires nestled in among a beautiful urban forest and on the beaches of the Atlantic coast. Students studying Spanish in Argentina may not yet have heard of this tranquil, yet upscale beach town which is closely located near the slightly more famous town of Pinamar. Regardless, this underdeveloped beach town is just as breathtaking in the winter and somehow manages to offer something for everyone; ocean, beaches, camping, fishing, sand sports, restaurants, cafes, and fantastic shopping- all year round.

Students in Spanish immersion courses in Buenos Aires will notice a world of difference between the hustle and bustle of Buenos Aires to the sandy and tree-lined streets of Carilo. In the middle of Carilo is the town´s ‘center’ and is where the restaurants, cafes, shops, etc. are located. The area is small, but architecturally speaking, absolutely beautiful and unique, and is where the people of the town gather. Students studying Spanish in Argentina will find houses, apartments, and cabins, mostly accommodation options, circling around the centre, and all incorporating nature into their design, and even sometimes, into their homes.

Students studying Spanish in Argentina can head out of the center and walk to the beautiful Atlantic beaches within 15 minutes. The beach goes on for what seems like forever and is lined with beautiful apartments, resorts, and restaurants, yet somehow has avoided feeling over developed and managed to keep the feeling of seclusion. On the beach, students learning Spanish in Buenos Aires can enjoy the sun, go for a swim, rent 4×4 quads, fish, or any other activity they wish to do – including study!

Carilo is the perfect beach destination, summer or winter, for students taking Spanish immersion courses in Buenos Aires. It offers up a beach/forest setting, gorgeous accommodation, activities, and a feeling unlike anywhere else. It is a great, affordable, and convenient destination to visit for students studying Spanish in Buenos Aires who wish to get out of the city for the weekend or a few days and experience something totally different than Buenos Aires.

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