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Students who have come to study Spanish in Argentina often are hit by the sweet tooth of Argentina before they have even gone through customs. They perhaps have already been tempted by a delicious Alfajor on the plan ride over or have seen its brightly wrapped exterior in an airport store window. Regardless, students in Spanish immersion courses in Argentina will soon discover that this is a country of sweet-toothed people.

Let us start with the Alfajor since we already mentioned it and our mouths have already started to water. The Alfajore, cookie by nature, is a delicious circular treat, formed by two rounds of sweet bread, a delicious middle of dulce de leche or jam, and a sugar layered exterior. Students studying Spanish in Buenos Aires cannot miss this delicious cookie sitting in the windows of corner stores, bakeries, and coffee shops. Students will also discover a quick Spanish lesson in Buenos Aires when they must learn to ask for it, in what form, with what filling, etc…Delicious.

That brings us to dulce de leche. This is milk based sauce used as filling in cookies, cakes, pancakes, etc… Students taking Spanish classes in Buenos Aires often already know the sweet tale of this syrup, as it is also common in other countries throughout Latin America. Students in Spanish immersion in Buenos Aires can make this syrup by simply slowly heating condensed milk until it singes and becomes like caramel. However, since it is offered on almost every corner, we advise you just buy a ready made pot.

Last but certainly not least is the ‘oh’ so popular, he said she said of deserts, Flan. There is no certain origin of flan and it is correct to say that most countries take some sort of credit for it and therefore it is the desert of all countries. In Argentina, students in Spanish immersion courses in Buenos Aires will be able to find this delicious desert on almost any menu, more often than not, covered in dulce de leche. Students taking Spanish classes in Buenos Aires should also learn how to make this simple recipe and pair it with the dulce de leche above!

When visiting Argentina, students in Spanish immersion courses in Buenos Aires should not miss the opportunity to take advantage of these delicious sweets, strike up a conversation with a local, and practice Spanish.

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