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It is quite apparent that the people of Argentina enjoy drinking wine; most students taking Spanish classes in Argentina begin to notice this after only a few visits to local restaurants or bars, experiencing extensive wine lists and wines bottles occupying most tables. It is also appropriate to say that Argentines enjoy shopping; students taking Spanish classes in Argentina will also notice the amount of shops, boutiques, and malls in the city and the fact that they are always busy. During the next few Fridays, the city has taken these two loves and combined them to make the Wine Tour Urbano Palermo.

The Wine Tour Urbano Palermo celebrates the wines and fashion of Argentina while combining wine tasting with upper scale shopping. Students in Spanish immersion courses in Buenos Aires can head down to Palermo to indulge in tasting local Argentine wines while shopping in local boutiques and clothing stores during after hours. Every fashion and interior design store on Malabia, between Honduras and El Salvador, will be opening its doors to visitors between the hours of 7pm-10pm. This may just be heaven for most Spanish immersion students in Buenos Aires!

Students in Spanish immersion courses in Buenos Aires can look forward to September 19th when the event starts off. This night is devoted to the red wines, showcasing the Malbecs and Merlots of every winery. Students studying Spanish in Argentina can then head back on October 17th for the Syrahs and Cabernets, and on November 21st, all wineries will present their best wines.

This is a fantastic event for students in Spanish immersion courses in Argentina to indulge in wine and fashion, walk among the Argentines of Buenos Aires, and practice their Spanish!! There will be two stands, one of Malabia and one of Honduras, where tickets will be sold on the day of the event for $45 pesos.

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