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There are many fantastic bars in Buenos Aires and students that are studying Spanish in Buenos Aires may even get overwhelmed at times with the amount of options they are given. One of the most popular neighborhoods for students learning Spanish in Buenos Aires to ‘bar-hop’ during their stay is Palermo.

Here are 4 great bars in Palermo that students learning Spanish in Buenos Aires can check out the next time they are looking for a night out on the town.

1) Mundo Bizzarro

Students in Spanish immersion courses in Buenos Aires will be sure to love this weird but trendy dimly red-lit bar in Palermo. It also serves up some of the most creative and delicious cocktails in town.

Must have drink: Frozen Mojito(Rum, soda, sugar, mint leaves, ice, blended)

2) Congo

This bar will give students learning Spanish in Buenos Aires the feeling of being a ‘local’. The places is cozy yet chic, the drinks delicious, and the people friendly whether foreign or local.

Must have drink: Bossanova(Rum, cognac, passion fruit, honey)

3) Chueca

Students studying Spanish in Buenos Aires will find something different in this Palermo bar. Chuecas atmosphere is dark and cozy, they serve up delicious drinks, and have a hilarious nightly show featuring drag queens – a must see.

Must have drink: Traditional Bloody Mary

4) El Carnal

This funky bar has three different areas; bar, restaurant, and terrace. The place is decorated in vintage photos and memorabilia and yet keeps a very trendy lounge atmosphere. The upstairs terrace is cozy, funky, and tranquil.

Must have drink: Green Samurai( Sake, apple, green tea)

Any of these great bars in Palermo should guarantee students in Spanish immersion classes in Buenos Aires a fun night out.