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Students studying Spanish in Buenos Aires should have no problem noticing the change in the city; the air is refreshingly warm, the flowers are in bloom, the skies are clear and sunny, and the people of Buenos Aires have a sort of ‘spring’ in their step. Its spring in Argentina and we are welcoming it in with open arms.

To celebrate this joyful occasion the Ministry of Culture in Buenos Aires is inviting the public to participate in more than 250 free cultural and artistic activities throughout the months of October, November, and December. The program is appropriately called, ‘Primavera Buenos Aires,’ (Buenos Aires Spring). This is a great opportunity for students in Spanish immersion courses in Buenos Aires to get out in the city, meet locals, and participate in some fun and free activities.

For a total 11 weekends, students studying Spanish in Buenos Aires will have the opportunity to enjoy musical shows, tango, theater, puppets, magic shows, film screenings, poetry, etc, mostly held in the city’s parks, squares, and other open air spaces. On November 22 a free concert will be held on Avenida de Julio by the world famous Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra. During these three months there will be recitals at Parque Roca, tango in Mataderos, a tour of the Orquesta de Tango and the City’s Symphonic Band around the city, and urban music at the Greek Amphitheater in Puerto Madero.

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