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Today, on St. Patrick’s Day, everyone has at least a little bit of Irish in them; even in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Spanish and Italian cultures have had the biggest impact on the city’s traditions historically, but today the streets are green. With the fifth-largest Irish community in the world, Buenos Aires joins in on the festivities of St. Patrick’s Day with parades and city-wide celebrations. This is all, of course, with a distinctly Argentine flair. Buenos Aires is the vibrant capital of Argentina, lively and dynamic, and as a world-class city steeped in tradition, it is a perfect destination for anyone looking to study Spanish in South America.

Over the years, many different cultures, ideologies, and traditions have converged to make Buenos Aires the melting pot that it is today. It is often called the Paris of South America, or cultural capital of Latin America, but neither of these titles can describe the city properly – it is decidedly and uniquely Buenos Aires. Because of its rich culture and history Buenos Aires is one of the most popular destinations to study Spanish in South America. Recent college graduates and professionals alike flock to this vibrant capital for their important Spanish immersion experiences.

St. Patrick’s Day is a fine example of the rich culture that Buenos Aires is famous for. As Irish decedents march down Avenido de Mayo, a street lined with French architecture and Italian cafes in this eccentric Latin American capital city, Buenos Aires’s diverse background will be on full display. Students looking to study Spanish in South America can get the most out of their experiences by joining the exciting, international community of Buenos Aires.

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