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You do not have to visit a famous art gallery or an international renowned museum in Buenos Aires to see great art.  In between the beautiful architecture, modern high rises, and eclectic apartment buildings, there is still plenty of boring grey concrete and  the ‘artists’ of Buenos Aires are taking these ‘empty canvases’ and making masterpieces out of them.

Take your Spanish classes to the streets and discover the graffiti in Buenos Aires!

Street Art in Buenos Aires – the who, what, and where of Graffiti in Buenos Aires

Graffiti or Street Art is widely accepted in the city of Buenos Aires, perhaps not going so far to say its legal, however if a talented artist is creating a mural on an empty wall, most will turn a blind eye.  Artists range from teenagers who want to voice their opinion about the government, poverty, or just joke around, to extremely talented graffiti artists who create incredible, intricate, and just absolutely beautiful works of art.

Art found in the city ranges from written phrases to slang, cartooned government officials, political and military depictions, and murals of famous figures, symbol figures, and regular art. A large amount of the graffiti found in downtown Buenos Aires is an expression of the locals dissatisfaction with government, political figures, military, and the economy. Whereas the graffiti in Palermo is slight more artistic, and often depicts thoughts, opinions, and famous figure, through symbolic art and murals.

Take a walking tour through the city of Buenos Aires and you will find graffiti. Specifically in the areas of downtown, San Telmo, Colegiales, Villa Crespo, and Palermo, graffiti lovers will find the majority of the street art in the city.

Interested in more ?

Graffiti Tour: A local company called Graffiti Mundo in Buenos Aires offers tours of street art around the city of Buenos Aires.  Tours are typically every Wednesday and Friday, from 2:30-7pm, and cost $70 pesos.