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Everyone is always talking about experience, education, credits, accomplishments, etc…and how important it is to outline them on your resume, CV, cover letters, and so on. When you are going through this lengthy and somewhat meticulous process, do not forget to add the Spanish experience you have! In today’s globalizing world, language and travel abroad experiences are just as important to employers as any other past education or work experience you have.

Why is Spanish an asset to have on your resume?

1.    Showing a future employer or educational institute that you have traveled abroad to another country, studied in that country, and experienced a new culture and lifestyle, demonstrates to them that you are strong willed, have a sense to discover and learn about the unknown, are independent, and have a global and open attitude.

2.    As the world globalizes, Spanish is becoming more of an asset to know as often organizations, companies, and institutes deal with Spanish speaking cultures and countries. Spanish is one of the widest spoken languages in the world and therefore having the knowledge of the language is always advantageous.

3.    Devoting yourself to intensive Spanish lessons for a minimum of one week and no maximum proves that you are a hard worker and have what it takes to devote yourself to a project and stick with it. Someone who is able to take 20 hours of Spanish classes a week is someone who can take on a full workload and see it through till the end.

When you add Spanish classes in Buenos Ares to your resume, add to it the same way you would a university degree or work experience. Outline what you know, your language accomplishments, the country and city where you studied, and any other Spanish related activities you were involved in.

Remeber, learning Spanish is a great accomplishment and a major asset in your future!