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Every December, the people of Buenos Aires start to prepare for the Christmas holidays, New Years parties, and vacation weeks ahead. Flights, buses, and ferry tickets are booked, hotels are reserved, and clothing, bikinis, sandals, etc, are bought by the masses.

So where do most porteños go in December and January?

The Atlantic Coast beaches.

Argentines love the beach and every year during the summer months thousands take off time to head to one of the countries beaches and enjoy the sand, water, and sun with friends and family. Only a few hours from Buenos Aires, the beautiful beaches of the Atlantic Coast of Argentina begin and don’t stop until you reach the southern most part of Argentina.

Some of the closest beaches to Buenos Aires (about three hours) are Pinamar, Carilo, Mar de Azul, and Mar de la Plata. Each of these see an incredible amount of tourists every year, catering to both young people and families, and offering fantastic accommodation options (budget, middle, and high-end), gastronomy, shopping, holiday parties, and water sports, a major reason why beachgoers continue to visit year after year.

How to get to the beach…

Those heading to the beach have two options:

There are numerous flights leaving daily from Buenos Aires (national airport) to Pinamar and Mar del Plata, only a 45-90 minute flight. For those who don’t have a lot of time to spend, or just want to skip the bus, this is a quick trip.

There are also numerous buses that leave everyday (10-15 buses a day) from Buenos Aires and make stops at almost every city along the way. Pinamar is about a 4 hour trip, Mar del Plata about 5.5 hours from Buenos Aires. This is for those who don’t mind traveling for a few hours, and looking to save a little money.

If you do go to the beach in Argentina around the holiday season, remember to book all of your transportation and accommodation well in advance, and be prepared for the crowds!