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Often, travelers from abroad picture all of South America to have a tropical or sub-tropical climate and that the area skips that cold-chilly winter that the rest of the world often experiences. Buenos Aires, like other cities in Europe and North America, does experience a slightly chilly winter including low temperatures, cool winds, rain and sometimes hail.  If you are coming to studying Spanish in Buenos Aires this winter, here are a few ways to keep warm.

Bring clothing that you can layer. In the beginning weeks of winter, May-June, the days are a mix of sun and cloud, cool and warm air.  There will be some days where the temperature will still reach around 15C, and when the sun is out, these days are so refreshing to take a warm stroll around town. Other days, without sun, the air can cool and temperatures will only reach around 10C, definitely sweater and light jacket weather.

During July and August it is winter in Buenos Aires and winter wear is required, mostly for temperatures from 1C-7C.  It is best to bring jackets, scarves, mittens, boots, etc, and anything else you use to keep warm.   Being in Buenos Aires at this time does have its blessings as often throughout the winter there will be one or two spring-like days before winter comes around again.  Remember, you are not in Canada down here, not even close, but the weather does certainly cool and it is best to be well prepared!

Also, keep in mind that Buenos Aires is fabulous (and pretty cheap) to shop around in, so if you cannot put together that winter wardrobe at home, have no fear, you will have no problem finding something down here!

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