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Summer is here and it is time to enjoy the beautiful weather and take advantage of the warm nights by spending as much time outside as possible.

One of the greatest outdoor activities, aside from fútbol, that Argentines have perfected is the asado (Argentina barbeque). For a country that produces some of the best beef in the world, it is natural that they would know how to cook it to perfection.  If you are learning Spanish in Buenos Aires make sure to indulge in an asado or two, you will surely make local friends and enjoy a great meal while you are at it.

Getting a real Argentine asado cooking takes time and patience, but it is worth the wait!

The cuts of meat defined:

•    Costillar- Ribs, Loin
•    Marucha or Paleta – Ribs
•    Azotillo – Chuck
•    Bife de Costilla – Ribs
•    Lomo – Sirloin
•    Cuadril – Rump
•    Nalga – Round
•    Vacío – Sirloin
•    Matambre – Flank
•    Chorizo – Sausage

In Argentina they like to prepare the meat by only seasoning it with salt, nothing more, so forget about your favorite marinade for now.

To show you really know what you are doing, prepare the coals by using paper, not lighter fluid.  Tend to the coals by fanning and adjusting them until they are red hot, should take about a half an hour.  The parilla (the barbeque grill) will be ready to go, so put the meat on.  The meat is slow cooked for an hour to an hour and a half.  During this time watch the meat and mingle with friends – the social aspect of an asado.  This is a great time to practice your Spanish conversational skills, learn new things about the Argentine culture, and most importantly have fun.  When the meat is done, cut it up and serve.