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Expanish offers a total Spanish immersion experience in Buenos Aires, complete with activities, excursion and workshops. Many Expanish students complement their studies with Tango and Polo lessons in this vibrant capital of Argentina. Tango has always been the most famous form of creative expression in Buenos Aires. Polo is similarly embedded in Argentine history, a “game of kings” played among Argentina’s elite throughout its history. These workshops give students a chance to practice what they learn outside of the classroom and become fully immersed in the language and culture.

The dance and corresponding music of Tango began in the working-class port towns of Buenos Aires. As the dance evolved and spread to Europe the upper-class embraced it as its own, and today it is an icon of all of Argentina. Expanish’s Tango classes in Buenos Aires are taught by experienced instructors, schooled in all aspects of this art form. The formal instruction covers dance floor practice of both the traditional steps and the newest improvisational styles. There are a variety of courses available for students of all ages and skill levels, from first-timers to the best of the best.

Argentina prides itself in having some of the finest horses in the world. Variations of Polo have been played in Argentina for centuries. This mounted game of strategy and skill has earned itself a place in Argentina’s history as the game of choice among the rich and famous. With Expanish, students can take Polo lessons in Buenos Aires with some of the most experienced instructors in the world – and if you ask an Argentinean, the best horses too!

Expanish offers a combination of individual and group lessons starting every week. We are dedicated to academic integrity and quality customer service, helping students choose the most-fitting immersion experience for their likes and interests. With affordable prices and many options for different excursions and cultural workshops, there is a Spanish immersion experience for everyone at Expanish!