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Students studying Spanish in Buenos Aires will hear the sweet sound of music throughout the streets of the city, day and night. No matter what your music taste, Buenos Aires will offer concerts, shows, and music venues to suit every taste. One genre of music that is very popular throughout Buenos Aires is jazz. Students in Spanish immersion courses in Buenos Aires can head down to one of the coolest jazz bars in town every Wednesday to Saturday to hear local and international bands.

Thelonious Club, located in Palermo is one of the more trendy and popular jazz bars in the city and students studying Spanish in Buenos Aires will no doubt hear about it shortly after their arrival. The club plays live jazz music starting at 9:30pm, Wednesdays to Saturdays. The place fills up with Argentines and foreigners alike, most dressed trendy yet funky, and all looking for a night of great jazz. Students in Spanish lessons in Buenos Aires will be able to test their Spanish skills when any of the local or international jazz bands feature a singer.

The place itself is small, dark, and artsy, with a beautifully low-lit bar, corner stage, and a 15-20 tables. For students in Spanish immersion courses in Buenos Aires that are above the legal drinking age, Thelonious also offers some of the tastiest and cheapest cocktails in the city. For the curious, try the Gospel Martini, the Frozen Mojito, or the Mint Collins. The price of admission ranges from 12 – 18 pesos, depending on the night, and also shows a double show (9:30pm/12:00am) Fridays and Saturdays. Sounds like the perfect night out for students in Spanish immersion courses in Buenos Aires.

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