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The popularity of fútbol (soccer) in Argentina is unimaginably great and students taking Spanish immersion courses in Buenos Aires will have no doubt taken notice of it’s almost cult like following. Buenos Aires is said to be home to more stadiums than any other city in the world and boasts the most fanatical fan following, besides possibly those sports fans in Brazil. Seeing a fútbol game in Argentina is a must for students taking Spanish immersion course in Buenos Aires since to some, truly understanding the Argentine culture comes by observing what happens in their fútbol stadiums.

Students in Spanish immersion courses in Buenos Aires will have the opportunity to visit, in Greater Buenos Aires alone, a total of 35 stadiums; however, the 6 most popular, each able to hold more than 50,000 people are Boca Juniors, River Plate, San Lorenzo, Velez Sarsfield, Racing Club, and Independiente. The stadiums are divided into sections, some offering more expensive and protected seating and others less expensive standing room seating. It is recommend that students in Spanish immersion courses in Buenos Aires take care when going to these passion filled games and perhaps spend the extra dollar to find comfortable and safe seating.

Students in Spanish immersion in Buenos Aires will see each game that the stadium fills full of screaming, singing, arm throwing fans that cheer on their own team while booing the visiting team. Fans sing Argentine songs and team slogans, shout encouraging and discouraging words, and overall just make as much noise as humanly possible. Students taking Spanish immersion classes in Buenos Aires should be sure to become part of this tradition and shout and sing along with their fellow fans. Attending Fútbol games is almost like receiving free Spanish classes in Argentina Fútbol culture!

There are two teams that students learning Spanish in Buenos Aires will immediately become familiar with: La Boca and River Plate. These two teams have dominated the league for almost a century and have very strong fan followings. La Boca is from the working class neighborhood and therefore represents the working class of Argentina; River Plate, nicknamed los millonariosis (millionaires), is from the slightly upper class north and represents the wealthier people of Argentina. Students in Spanish immersion in Buenos Aires will be able to compare the rivalry of these two teams with the class distinction found in Argentina.

Watching a fútbol game is a great way for students in Spanish immersion in Buenos Aires to learn about Argentine history, the fútbol culture, and Spanish language!

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