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The All You Need Argentina Travel Guide – Part 1: Before Travel Check List

If you have made the decision to travel to Argentina you are about to embark on an experience that will open your eyes to a new country and culture, language, people, and way to live.  If you are coming to study Spanish, your experience will be even more intense, discovering what it is like to live in another culture and community, conversing daily with locals, and living just like an Argentines do.

Before you take off on this incredible experience, it is important to have everything in order so that your experience abroad goes as smoothly as possible. This will include the following:

Before Travel Check-List

  • Check that your passport has at least 6 months of validity left
  • Buy travel insurance for your total time abroad
  • Check to make sure you can receive a tourist visa upon entry in Argentina
  • Make sure you have all of your flight info, times, confirmation numbers
  • Make photocopies of every important document (passport, birth certificate, travel insurance, etc) and keep one copy and leave another copy with a loved one
  • Go to the doctor for a general check-up, and take/buy any prescriptions you may need when abroad
  • Sign up for online banking, as well either pre-pay your bills or sign up for online bill payments
  • Make sure all of your ‘loose-ends’ are tied up before coming abroad
  • Check the weather in Argentina and pack appropriate clothing
  • Bring an appropriate adapter for Argentina (or buy one here)
  • Only bring valuables if you absolutely must, otherwise leave them at home
  • Make sure that when you arrive you already have accommodation (Homestay, shared apartment, hotel, hostel, etc)
  • Take photos of your friends and family
  • If you take your camera or computer, make sure you have all the accessories or back-ups of anything that could break-down, etc

Look out for the next part of The All You Need Argentina Travel Guide: Visas & Embassies