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We spoke about visas and embassies in our last part of the All You Need Argentina Travel Guide and now we are here to take on customs.

So you are on the plane, on your way to Argentina to start your travel abroad adventures, all you have left is to get off of that pesky plane, through the airport, and into the sweet air of Argentina.

Getting through the airport is virtually harmless but you should know that you will need to present customs with a few things as well as fill out your Customs Declaration Form properly.

What to Present at Customs in Argentina

When you exit the plane you will head straight to customs with everyone else and go stand in the line that is for visitors of Argentina (not residents).
When it is your turn, you will present your passport to the custom agent, state why you are in Argentina (visit/university/work- remember if you do not have a visa yet for the last two, just say that you are vacationing/traveling. We do not encourage you to lie but without the proper papers this could create some major problems for you at customs!)
Fill out your migration paper in the plane. This asks for all of your personal information, your flight number and carrier, where you will be staying and for how long. You will hand this into the customs agent.
Fill out your Customs Declaration in the plane, this asks you how much money you are bringing into the country, if you have brought any fruits/vegetables, etc, answer it as best as possible.
After that, you will only have to pick up luggage, have it scanned, and you are home free!

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