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We spoke about Customs Declarations in the last part of our All You Need Argentina Travel Guide and now we are here to take a look at greetings and customs in Argentina.

One of the main reasons people visit, travel to, and live in other countries is because they want to learn about and experience another culture, usually very different from their own. One of the responsibilities that comes along with this great opportunity is to act appropriately in that country, learn the country’s social customs, and try to blend into the culture as best as you can.

Here are some Greetings and Social Customs found in Argentina. Learn it, Live it!

When you greet a stranger for the first time, and they are female, give them a kiss on the cheek. If you are a male with a male, a handshake is proper. For second, third, etc, meetings a kiss is proper between both males and females. In very formal situations, a kiss between women is still acceptable, between men, stick with a handshake.
When you leave, say goodbye to each person personally, again, a kiss is the best exit.
Don’t worry about your personal space in Argentina; people here tend to stand very close to each other and it is actually a good sign ( a sign of comfort) if locals do this with you.
Argentines, in general, are better dressed. Meaning at work, out for drinks or dinner usually consists of slightly more formal, or trendy, clothing and accessories.
Be social, maintain eye contact, and make conversation. Argentines are very social and they may misinterpret shyness as being snobby, so open up your social side.
If you go for dinner, do wait until everyone has a plate in front of them to start eating. Do allow the men or waiter to pour the wine. Do wait until everyone is finished with their meal to have the plates cleared. And always leave room for coffee, dessert, champagne, or any of the above!