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We spoke about greetings and social customs in our last part of the All You Need Argentina Travel Guide and now we are going to look at the top places to visit in Argentina.

Argentina spreads far and wide over the southern part of South America and has some of the most diverse landscapes and regions in the world; everything from desert land to blue deep lakes, snowy mountain peaks to flat prairies, and coastline beaches to sub-tropical forests can be found here. No matter what your travel pleasure, there is something for everyone in Argentina.

Iguazú Falls
Iguazú Falls is the largest collection of waterfalls in the world, totalling more than 275 altogether. Hidden in the sub-tropical forest in the north, the falls border both Brazil and Argentina and can be seen by boat or by trekking to the falls.

The city of Mendoza is in the centre of the wine region of Argentina. The wineries that surround the city offers visitors tours of the wineries, information on how the wine is made, and wine tasting, a truly spectacular experience. When you want something more than wine, the activities around the city such as mountain hiking, swimming, biking, skiing, and more, provide ideal entertainment.

Situated around some of the bluest and most beautiful lakes in the country, Bariloche is a little piece of heaven, perfect for the traveler who loves the outdoors and activities such as skiing, fishing, and biking riding.

Puerto Madryn
This city is the entry point for the many wildlife excursions that can be taken along the coastline and the nearby peninsula. Whale watching and excursions to see dolphins, penguins, elephant seals, sea lions, and much more, are just a few of the activities on the itinerary.

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