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We spoke about Argentina Destinations in our last part of the All You Need Argentina Travel Guide and now we are going to look at what makes the world go round, Money.

Since 2001, when Argentina went through a very difficult economic crisis and the peso almost completely losing its value, Argentina has put its feet back on the ground is again climbing towards its previous status as being a prosperous city.   However, it is not there yet, and this has kept very affordably to most foreign currencies, a major initial reason why so many foreigners come to Buenos Aires.

If you are come to study Spanish in Buenos Aires, you will find that the cost of living is here is quite low for everything that Buenos Aires is and offers.

Monthly Price Break-Down

Homestay or Shared Apartment: $500US – $800US
Groceries: $100US-$300US
Dinner out: $20US-$50US (-$100US (very upscale/fine dining)
Lunch out: $5US-$15US
Nightclub: $20US-$60US
Taxis: $2US-$12US

Everything in Buenos Aires is paid for with the Argentine peso, however if you do bring other currencies it is possible to get them exchanged for pesos in the many exchange houses located throughout the city.

Many business’s take both cash and credit cards, however try to check beforehand in stores and restaurants as you do not want to be in the situation where you to have enough cash to pay when only cash is accepted.

Most banks will let foreigner bank cards only take out AR$300-AR$600, about $100US-$160US, so when you can use a credit card and that way you can frequent the bank less.

Be careful with your money, never carry extra cash on you that you will not need, and make sure all the money you receive is the real thing (click here for information on fake bills in Buenos Aires).