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The city of Buenos Aires is wide and complete. It offers all types of attractions in every corner. Nonetheless, those who come to stay for a few months, whether to study or work, need to stay at a “centric” neighborhood. This will allow them to move freely, be able to tour around the city, and get to their daily responsibilities without any trouble.

For them, the best option might be to stay in one of the following neighborhoods of Buenos Aires:

City center: Even though the word “center” does not describe, in this case, the geographical location within the city of Buenos Aires, this neighborhood provides everything: mobility, shops, places to eat or have a drink, theaters, and plenty of other options.

Recoleta: A little bit more picturesque and expensive than other neighborhoods, Recoleta offers, not only an excellent location, but also plenty of touristic spots. Plus, it is easy to move around the city from here. You can visit many historical buildings within the surroundings; another bonus: there are a great number of great places to stay. Another good thing about Recoleta is that you have the subway (D Line) that goes along the Av. Santa Fe and you can be in the Obelisco in 10 minutes. There, you can connect with the other lines, as well. There are also many buses that can take you around the city.

Palermo Soho: This neighborhood is ideal for young people who want to be a little closer to the real (geographical) center of Buenos Aires, and that wants to have many bars and places to go out at night within the surroundings. Palermo Soho has become very popular throughout the years, and it has managed to satisfy those who like going out, having fun and go shopping to unique and distinguished places. In two of its main avenues (Av. Corrientes and Av. Santa Fe), you take the subway (lines B and D respectively), which allows you to move all around the city.

San Telmo: A few steps from the downtown area and the business area of Buenos Aires, San Telmo offers history, color and many charming places to discover. This option can be a bit cheaper, although it will depend on the area of the neighborhood you choose to stay.

In all this neighborhoods of Buenos Aires, you will find a great variety of accommodation options. Those who come for a few months might choose to stay in a residency. Here, you generally have a shared kitchen, bathroom, and sometimes even the room is shared. Other might rather stay at a family house, where you can learn the language and about Buenos Aires’ culture from the inside. Nonetheless, today it is rather common (and preferred) to choose to stay at a temporary apartment in Buenos Aires. The good thing about the temporary rentals is that besides having your own kitchen, bathroom, room (and whole apartment), you have all the privacy you can ask for. This type of accommodation allows you to choose your own schedules and not someone else’s. In the last decades, the temporary rental has become popular, and you will find a lot of options, of different sizes, types and prices around the best neighborhoods of Buenos Aires.

So, here you have the best neighborhoods to stay in Buenos Aires. Of course, there are many others where you can stay, but these surely are great.