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One of the most important aspects of living abroad and studying Spanish in Buenos Aires is cultural immersion.

Cultural immersion gives students the opportunity to live like a local, speaking the local language daily, living with natives of Argentina, and taking part in the daily routine, activities, and customs of the local residents. With true cultural immersion, students will take more away from their travel abroad experience than they could have imagined and will return home with a new perspective of another culture.

How to immerse yourself in the culture of Buenos Aires

Participate in activities, workshops, and excursions
If you are studying Spanish in Buenos Aires with Expanish, there are a myriad of activities, workshops, and excursions you can partake in that expose you to various facets of the culture and give you the opportunity to practice your Spanish with locals.  Activities such as city tours, art gallery openings, and weekly dinners, accompanied by workshops that teach you new skills while learning Spanish are just a few ways to find cultural immersion. Excursions give students the opportunity to explore the rest of Argentina with both locals and foreigners.

Extracurricular activities in Buenos Aires
If you are looking to meet locals, one of the best ways is to sign up for classes, seminars, clubs, etc, in the city. Many foreigners meet locals by taking weekly tango lessons or heading to a Milonga, signing up for sports activities such as soccer or tennis, or becoming part of a local club, such as a language exchange.  This way, students can do something they enjoy or an activity they did back in their home country, while immersing themselves in the culture, meeting locals, and practising Spanish.

Be outgoing, positive, and always try something new
Foreigners must always remember that living abroad can have its challenges and oftentimes expats must put more effort in their day to day lives abroad than they would at home, such as being more outgoing in social situations with both locals and foreigners, speaking a new language (even when you are only a beginner), and most of all trying new things on a daily basis. At times, these things may seem hard and frustrating but if you keep positive and learn to laugh at your situation, you are guaranteed to have a better and more rewarding experience than if you let yourself get taken by the challenges.