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The Diversity Of Age At Expanish

Are you planning on studying at Expanish but are experiencing cold feet and doubting this new opportunity? We all experience those last minute doubts, am I too young, am I too old, will I make friends? But you definitely do not have to worry, we can promise to you that you will be overwhelmed by the welcoming and vibrant atmosphere at Expanish.

To say the least the students of expanish are a friendly bunch that creates a diverse and dynamic environment. The age of students varies from 16 years old to the late 70s, you will have no problems finding friends most suited to you.

This for some may require students to shift from their comfort zone and outreach towards a crowd older or younger. This has many positive aspects, you have the opportunity to socialize and befriend people who you normally wouldn’t diverse with, learn from people who are of a more matured age and most importantly it is a fantastic opportunity in expanding your horizons and making friends from all different levels. Not only will be this a rewarding experience for your Spanish language but will enable you to create some long-lasting friendships from all ages and parts of the world.

With the mix of ages, not only will you be learning español but also from other students, allowing you to create different points of view that you may have never considered before, and as they say, older people have a wealth of life experiences that you can benefit from. And not to mention, they give fantastic advice! Often our opinions and perspectives on life are shaped by our age, our expanish culture is a great opportunity in being exposed to ideas from different generations. Regardless of age, everyone is studying at expanish for the same reason as you, to learn and immerse themselves into our beautiful Spanish language and culture!

Take the next big step and join us at Expanish and throw yourself into one of the best life experiences!